Matching Donations Up to $10,000:

Every donation you make is eligible for a match, but only up to $10,000. For example, if you donate $20,000, only the first $10,000 will be matched.

What is Non-Matchable:

Any amount you donate over $10,000 is not eligible for matching. These are called Non-Matchable Dollars. For instance, in a $20,000 donation, the $10,000 above the match limit is Non-Matchable.

Funding the Bonus Pool:

The Bonus Pool is a special fund that provides these matches. It's filled with money from event sponsorships, contributions from donors during the event, minus any expenses for the event (like advertising or technology costs).

Calculating Match-Eligible Donations:

Total Match-Eligible Donations are calculated by adding up all donations made through VGG and then subtracting any Non-Matchable Dollars.

Max and Base Match Percentages:

The Max Match is a percentage determined by dividing Total Match-Eligible Donations by the amount in the Bonus Pool. The Base Match is usually 3 percentage points lower than the Max Match.

Types of Donations and Their Matches:

Max Match: You receive this for online donations and donations made through BMCF donor-advised funds.

Base Match: This is for Offline Gifts, which include checks, stock transactions, distributions from retirement accounts, contributions from non-BMCF donor-advised funds, and other non-online sources.

In essence, your donations up to $10,000 will receive a match from the Bonus Pool, and the match percentage will depend on how you donate and on the total amount of funds.